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Fred Morguelan Life Coach Vs Therapy

In many ways, you can see that life coaches and therapists do similar types of work. Both of these professionals are capable of helping people to turn their lives around. However, there are big differences between life coaches and therapists that help them to stand apart. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between a life coach and a therapist. 

Life Coaches Help People to Steer Their Lives in Certain Directions

Generally, life coaches help people to steer their lives in different directions. You could certainly say that therapists do this, but they approach things in a different way. If you get a life coach, then they might try to get you to start thinking about things in different ways for the good of your mental health. It can be similar to cognitive-behavioral therapy in many ways, but it’s less technical and more about simple positive thinking. 

For example, you might have a life coach help you by teaching you to stop focusing on negative things. They might show you how life can be better when you put more attention toward the things that you love. Some life coaches incorporate physical fitness routines into their advice. Others might even take a spiritual approach since there aren’t any specific rules for how a life coach needs to go about their business. 

Therapists Help People in Different Ways

Therapists are real professionals who have degrees and have learned to help people with various mental health issues. People who just have stress problems or minor issues do often turn to therapists for help. It’s just that therapists are also going to be assisting people who have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and so much more. A therapist can even help people who are going through relationship issues by offering couples therapy. 

You’ll find that therapists use a wide range of different techniques when helping people out. Some will use a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy, but there are many methods. Therapists also work in tandem with doctors to provide treatment for mental health conditions. If you’re suffering from more serious issues, then you’re going to want to seek out a therapist.